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Currently we offer approximately 50 features, and we are constantly working on improving those already available and new features are under development

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Salon-Barber App Demo

Barber Shop App Demo

Retail-Women App Demo

Restaurant App Demo

Retail-Men App Demo

Real Estate App Demo

Instant Mobile Applications are the future of ONLINE marketing.


We have been experimenting With Instant Mobile Applications over the past months to see what these babies can do.

And they can do A LOT!

Instant Mobile Applications are even better mobile marketing tool for small businesses than native apps, as they can be shared and used in seconds. Share ability has recently become a core marketing strategy for businesses big and small. While share ability is often connected to content, the same principles stand for marketing your mobile app. When creating content, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to access and share. The more shareable, the bigger the impact for your business. Along those lines, making an app more shareable is a solid basis for your mobile marketing strategy.

The Future Is Here - Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App vs Native App

Launching PWAs - Endless Possibilities

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