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Many e-commerce businesses employ responsive web design to give these mobile users access, and call it a day. 

After all, as long as mobile users can get to their site, see their stuff, fill a cart, and check out, that’s all there is, right?




There is a much better way.

For a number of reasons a mobile app is far better alternative than simply empowering your e-commerce site for mobile browsers (although you should do both for the SEO reason).

M-commerce has the potential to become a major channel for shopping and to change consumer-shopping habits all together.

With shoppers increasingly using their smartphones to search and browse, it is essential for online retailers to keep track of the mobile share of eCommerce transactions.

In ‘The State of Mobile Commerce 2016, Criteo shows mobile transactions are outgrowing desktop.

In the U.S. 52% of all e-commerce, transactions were mobile in 2016.

European countries are trending in the same direction (UK 51%, GER 38%, NL 36%), underlining the importance of Mobile Commerce for online retailers.

According to The ING International Survey Mobile Banking 2016 report, the number of consumers in Europe using a mobile device to shop jumped from 58% to 66% year over year.

eMarketer indicates that UK retail eCommerce sales has exceed £67 billion ($102 billion) in 2016, fuelled by impressive growth in smartphone-based buying


As the Internet finds its way into our purses or pockets, the devices we use to access it are becoming more personal too.

Already today, mobile phones know the phone numbers of our friends and colleagues.

They now track our location.

They do already replace our wallets and credit cards.




Users Prefer “Apps” for shopping than “Mobile Web Browser”

When surveyed, 78% of users said they would rather access their favourite shopping sites via a Mobile App than through their mobile browsers.

Apps make the shopping experience faster, more secure, and users never have to worry about remembering a URL or logging in each time they want to see what’s new or place their usual order.

Mobile Apps make payments easier, faster, and more secure

When we develop a Mobile App with secure payment processing options and program the App to remember these options for the subsequent shopping experience this streamlines the buying process for the user and makes things easier on your end. 

Mobile Apps Encourage Social Media Sharing

Do you want your customers to do advertising for you by sharing your merchandise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites platforms?

We can make it easy for your clients by building social media sharing option right into the App so that your current customers can alert their friends or relatives when you add new:

  • Product
  • Services
  • Venue
  • Publication
  • Website 

Options are limitless and we are only limited to our imagination.

Mobile Apps provide control over user experience

Business Mobile Applications are designed to provide the user with powerful experience and this can be controlled in a variety of different ways.

You can control your App interface and provide better-managed service utilising all the data gathered from the App Analytics.

An App allaw to tailir the experience for the device which lets you go beyond the limitations of responsive web design and work perfectly with the user prefered platform (iPhone, Android, etc..) unlike mobile enabled responsive websites.

Mobile Apps help build brand loyalty – improve ROI

Nothing puts your brand and products or services in front and centre like a Mobile App that the customer sees every time they use their phone. 

Apps become like the virtual eyes, ears, and arms of the shopper – these tools are with them everywhere and always. 

That makes Mobile Apps a powerful tool for building and nurturing loyal customers.

Mobile trend is big for SMBs

The introduction of mobile devices has completely changed the digital landscape, more than we could have predicted a few years back. Mobile has also now become more engaging than desktop.

These days an App can be the difference between a business thriving and  a  business that’s surviving.

A whopping 86% of SmartPhone time is in an App.

Hopefully by now a few key things are clear:

  • Mobile is booming in the UK and worldwide.
  • SMBs must get on board to compete and leverage 2018’s most important mobile marketing tactics.
  • There’s a huge upside for SMBs and for their partners supplying Mobile Apps and sites.

Bottom line is:

It’s all about targeting the individual – not everybody – with relevant messages.

Making it personal shows that your business is engaging with customer and on many different levels in real time, spotting their interests, interacting not just to sell but to somehow make customer live better.

Who doesn’t want that?

We are here to help

You don’t have to struggle on your own we can help you with any aspect of Mobile Marketing or Internet Marketing.


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