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What is Content Marketing???


And Why Natural Writers Don’t Write


about a Keyword Phrase but abut Topic???

Google bought in 2003 the semantic technology from “Applied Semantics” for analysing web pages to find the topic and for the past fourteen years they have worked on perfecting the technology And in 2009 the SEO has changed entirely killing millions of SMB’s.


SEO has changed since 2012 again and nowadays what was once considered as safe can get website penalised because Google is looking to wipe out ALL content from the SERPs if it has been “engineered” to rank well by optimizing the content for a specific phrase or two.

“Can you afford the same happening to your business?”

Google has access to CIRCA technology, which understands, organizes, and extracts knowledge from websites and information repositories in a way that mimics human thought and enables more effective information retrieval and that can help Google to understand words on a page in much the same way as a human.

But you might be asking how does knowing this, help us to create better content?

Well, when we develop content we need to think like a human and forget about automated systems once and for all.

Does an article written by an expert in a field repeat the same key phrase at a density of 2-4%?

Of course not, they will write using the words and phrases that NEED TO BE USEED in order to write the best possible article on the topic. But how to convert well written article or content in to flood of traffic.

Well, that is the key to CONTENT MAREKTNG SUCCESS

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and promotion of quality content for clearly defined audience groups with the intend of converting prospects into customers.

At TecPolUK we produce content material with real people in mind and not for automated distribution.

Each content material whether for web development or marketing campaign

Is carefully crafted to deliver the best possible reader experience as well as SEO results.

The benefits of content marketing – Effective content marketing will:


Generate quality inbound traffic to your website because targeted and optimised content attracts organic and referral traffic

Increase engagement – valuable content that meets the needs of consumers drives engagement and trust

Generate more leads – content that helps solve a problem, informs or entertains, will encourage people to enquire about products or services

Increase sales – good content attracts people, and encourages conversion. Presenting the right content, at the right stage of the buying cycle, will encourage them along the journey to purchase or enquiry.

Build brand authority – consistent, high quality, relevant content that benefits, educates or entertains the target audience. Will build trust in your brand, and its credibility – attracting and retaining customers

We are here to help

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