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World Is Going Mobile – Here’s Why You Should Go Mobile Too:

More and More Consumers, rely on their Mobile Devices for Personal and Business use,

The need for a Mobile App is rapidly growing.

The Future Is Mobile!!!

Why Mobile App Development Is So Important:

  1. Increase Sales
  2. Strengthen Customer Loyalty
  3. Improve SEO & Business Ranking
  4. Stimulates Business or Brand Advocacy

And much more


The Future of Small Businesses and Mobile Development

With a mobile app becoming a much more reasonable investment for a small business to swallow, the future looks very positive. Recent data reports that roughly a quarter of small businesses already have a mobile app and another 27% of them have plans to enter the mobile world in the next year or so.

What Mobile Apps Can Be Used For:

Accessibility & Visibility 

As mobile search volume continues to grow, adopting a mobile platform is more and more important for accessibility and visibility. If consumers can’t find you or interact with your brand in the mobile environment, they may defect to a mobile competitor. Alternatively, attracting new customers without a mobile app could become harder and harder; your business is less discoverable and you lack a key tool to keep you up-to-date and competitive in your industry.

Internal Processes & Productivity

While we often think of apps as a new platform for our customers to engage with, mobile development also improves internal processes and productivity. Many companies utilize desktop software to facilitate certain day-to-day business processes. A mobile-centric version of this software could further enhance these processes. After all, mobile is, well, mobile, which means you can perform these processes on the go instead of sitting down to fire up your desktop.

Customer Experience

Without mobile, a customer’s relationship with your brand or company is interrupted the moment they walk out the door. By providing a mobile app experience, that relationship does not have to end. Your brand is more accessible, appears more personable, and can stimulate more communication. Improving the customer experience ultimately increases brand loyalty and reduces churn.

eCommerce mobile apps

1.Driving Repeat Business:

Customer loyalty systems that reward customers for their patronage such a QR coupons, digital stamp cards, and loyalty reward programs.

  1. Generating Revenue:

Features such as mobile ordering or mobile shopping carts allow your business to increase ancillary revenue.

  1. Increased Customer Engagement:

Push notifications enable you to engage customers when they are near your business.

  1. Reaching Your Customer Where They Are:

Your customers live on their mobile phones – put your business in their pocket.

Traditional mobile app development costs an arm and a leg. Local businesses formerly could never purchase an app.

Thanks to our app building framework we’re able to democratize app development and make it available for any business no matter how big or small.

 The mobile world took off like a rocket.


In a few short years, it moved from a trend and a business luxury to an accessible and vital dimension of the modern business. In the past, small businesses couldn’t afford to invest in this rapidly growing, mobile world.

Even though only about a quarter of small businesses have entered the mobile app world, more are expected to join soon.


More visible you are, more discoverable you are to new and existing customers.

  • Internal mobile apps boost productivity and, perhaps more than ever, saves time is money.

  • Lastly, a mobile app is key to enhancing the customer experience, which is becoming more and more important to audiences.

  • It is no longer about offering the best product and quality but how you are delivering it, experience and mobile are one of the most important facets of that.

Getting your business’ own Mobile App doesn’t need

to break the bank. 

We’re happy to design and get ready an app for you within few weeks for an affordable price.

We are not restricted to just one subject but we have the capacity to cover your entire enterprise and pack it all into one beautifully designed Mobile App.

Unlike other developers we provide tailored service dedicated to your business profile only and there are no third party adverts included unless requested by you.

Getting in front of you loyal clients can easily be done using Mobile Apps Push Notifications, and you can recruit new clients right from the App, based on their needs in regards to interest and location.

You clients can apply for news and updates via the app, submit their phone numbers, request appointments, book venues, purchase straight from the app your services or merchandise.

Having a mobile app is no longer an option as more users are searching through their mobile devices and mobile enabled website is not always the answer

Don’t sit on your data – adapt and evolve according to the trends you uncover.

Do you know why Richard Branson, the billionaire owner of Virgin Atlantic Inc., lost to the venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley when he tried to go head-to-head with Uber? One simple reason: Uber was backed by an algorithm, by data. Analytics turned Google from good to great and Uber from an audacious venture to the peer-driven giant in transportation. The companies introduced their service, gathered the data, then used it to refine based on customers’ needs.

Ordering meal or a table is easier than ever with a mobile app. 

Online ordering is UP AND CONSTANTLY RISING comparing to previous years and furthermore is increasing daily.

Here are the facts:

Your existing customers are 14 times more likely to buy from you than a new customer.

Attracting new customers costs nearly seven times the amount it does to retain an existing one.

So how do you get and keep more customers at lower costs?

The trick is to focus less on advertising and more on customer retention, leveraging your existing customers to bring in new ones.

Surveys show that 73% of satisfied customers will recommend your service to others, and positive testimonials from existing customers are far more likely to influence people than a brand’s own marketing messaging. In other words, your existing customers are a goldmine. They require less investment, they buy more, and they bring new customers with them – and our “Business Mobile Apps” are designed to make it easy for them.

Your company’s own mobile app allows you to connect with your client base on an entirely new level.

Send push notifications with the latest news or reminders. Offer loyalty programs for returning customers and special in app coupons for new members as well!

We Provide Business Mobile App Development Service For A Very Competitive Price!

Our apps (services) are fully customized to our clients ( your clients) requirements as well as market demands based on latest available technology

We support multi-language apps (currently 20 most common languages supported by Apple and Android) which allow you to have one app in up to 5 different languages. This means we no longer have to create multiple apps to support multiple languages. You can choose up to five languages, enter your content into the CMS in those languages and voila! App users with their device set to one of those languages will see your content in that language.

Reputation Management allows to send a direct push note to one particular user after a certain action has been taken asking them how their experience about products or services was. If they select “good” then it can ask them to share their experience on any review site that is crucial for the small business attracting new clients, like the “Tripadvisor” – and all this is done from within the App.

Reputation Manager not only boosts business performance and credibility but also improves business ranking on SERP. Just imagine how much Supermarkets, Malls any business for that matter would benefit with such facilities at their disposal. This is a goldmine for collecting data to improve business performance. 

And there are many more to choose from – Currently we offer approximately 50 features that will amaze your clients.

We also offer Instant Mobile Apps (Progressive Web Apps -PWA) 

Apps That Go Beyond the App Store.



You have probably never have heard of such thing as Instant Mobile Apps but Instant Mobile Apps (Progressive Web Apps – PWA) is about to change the mobile landscape yet again.


Instant Mobile Apps have been introduced by Google in 2015 however never took off until this year gained some popularity.


What is the Instant Mobile App (We call them Progressive Web Apps – PWA) anyway?


In the simplest words, Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) are mobile apps delivered through the web. The technology used allows delivering an app-like experience on your browser. It feels like a native app due to the use of an app-shell that provides app-style navigations and gestures but since progressive apps are built on the web, they are not tied to specific devices. Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) displays flawlessly and identically on all devices, including desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever device is in the pipeline as long as it connects to the internet.

What’s more, Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) can be loaded instantly, regardless of network quality. In other words, this web app is designed to work offline and in areas of low connectivity. With the help of pre-caching, it stays up-to-date, serving the user with the newest content upon launch. Similar to an app, the user is able to save the Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) to their home screen to access it at any time. Instant Mob Apps (PWA) are installable, without the hassle of downloading it from the app stores avoiding the intermediate

Instant Mob Apps (PWA’s) vs. Native Mobile App


One of the biggest differences between Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) and native apps is the presence of the “app store – middleman”. For the Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) this middleman is completely removed out of the picture. For app developers, no App Store means you are no longer restricted by iOS and Android’s rules and guidelines. A developer will not need any more to go through an approval process, allowing the app to be used as soon as it is ready. There is also no need for manually updating the app, as the revised app version is instantly and automatically available to everyone.

From the standpoint of the end user, they are able to access the Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) without having to download it from an App Store. Instead, the Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) is linkable, which means anyone can launch the app straight from a dedicated URL. You can share it on social media, email, text message, online ad, or link it to a QR code, and the user will be instantly presented with the Instant Mobile Apps (PWA).

By removing all this friction, it will be much easier for users to have access to the app. Unfortunately, with every step of the native app download process, 20% of users are lost. Consumers find it tedious having to find the app in the app store, wait for it to download, and worry that it’ll use up all their storage space before they can start using the app. Now, because the Instant Mobile App (PWA) drastically reduce the number of steps they need to take (essentially making it a one-step process), there is a much higher chance of people actually using the app.

Another major difference for app developers is that they will not have to adapt their app to iOS or Android. The fact that the Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) use web technology means they work cross-platform, on most browsers, taking the operating system out of the equation. Therefore, you can build one Instant Mobile App (PWA) and it will look and perform the same across all devices. Users will have a cohesive experience on any device they choose to launch the app on.

Finally, the Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) are highly discoverable. This means they are easily identified by search engines, allowing them to come up in the search results just like any other web content. The Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) are subject to traditional SEO, so it is indexed for more than just the app name, but also the content within the app. It will not be treated as an app specifically, but as a piece of content that can “answer” someone’s “question.”

To put this into context, 60% of searches are now from mobile devices and this number continues to grow (according to Search Engine Land). People are actively using their mobile devices to find content, so imagine your Instant Mobile App (PWA) coming up in those search results. For example, someone might be looking for a Beauty Salon in the area, so they use the Google search to start their inquiry. The search results will most likely show directories and Beauty Salon websites. If you own a Beauty Salon business, your Instant Mobile App (PWA) could rank in these searches, driving customers straight from the search results to your Instant Mobile App (PWA). This first touch is an opportunity to convert your customers. An app-like experience will allow customers to schedule a salon appointment from a UI built for mobile. It is a seamless process starting with a web search and ending with a completed task in the app.

Instant Mobile App (PWA) vs. Mobile Website


Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) are a hybrid of native apps and mobile websites, but how do they differ from responsive websites? Unlike “old school” mobile websites, Instant Mobile Apps (PWA’s) are fast. Note that 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3-5 seconds to load. Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) load nearly instantly, regardless of network state, and provide fast-to-respond interfaces. This eliminates their dependence on the network, as mobile websites do, ensuring an instant and reliable experience for users. Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) also does perform all necessary updates in the background, so users never need to wait for new content to load.

In addition, traditional mobile websites focus on static information, while the Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) are able to provide users with dynamic functionality. Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) offers an immersive full-screen experience, allowing customers to place mobile food orders, participate in a loyalty program, and contact a business. It can also re-engage users with web push notifications, similar to native push notifications.

What does the future look like?  


While native mobile apps are by no means going extinct, Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) can provide the ideal solution for businesses looking to build a compelling and easily adaptable mobile experience for their customers.


Instant Mobile Apps (PWA) offer the best of both worlds,

with all the shareability of the web and all the functionality of the native app.

“Today, a good website just isn’t enough.

Mobile App shows the client your business is innovative and into technology.

And apps are the only way for existing clients to search for you services from a mobile device without seeing your competitors”

Mobile Apps Provide Business Owners With


Marketing Power.

We are here to help

You don’t have to struggle on your own, we can help you to Boost your Business with Business Mobile Application.

Future is Mobile


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