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Online Business Development is What We Do

We Are Web Designers, Web Developers, Mobile Apps Developers, SEO Experts and much more.


Our passion is to make sure our clients prosper,

after all:

“your success is our success”  

As Carl Gustav Jung  said:

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll”


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About Me

Hello, I’m Peter (Piotr).

I am the Owner & MD at “TECPOLUK LTD”


We are a small digital marketing agency based in the UK. We got incorporated this year but before that, the history of “TecPolUK” goes back to 2009 on self-employment basis and before that, I was involved in MLM and affiliate marketing since 2006.

Google Digital Garage Certificate

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If you wish to verify this certificate please use the link “Verify Certificate” and type in Certificate ID: NFJNQG3S3 

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects


  • Web Design & Development
  • Business Mobile Apps Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Consumer & Market Research
  • Web Hosting and Management
  • IT & MS Office applications

Plus, many more skills Internet Marketing but not only related.

Skills like SEO, SEM, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Competition or Keyword Research can’t be learned at any college or even university but during constant experimenting with what works and what doesn’t following endlessly evolving technology and changes in trends and social behavior.

Some of Our Work

Work Terms

Our clients are small businesses and digital marketing agencies and we respect our clients wish to remain anonymous. 

Therefore we operate under strict not to share any kind of information about our current clients with potential clients or anybody else unless permitted in writing by our client or by court order only. Majority of our clients are “Online Business Development Agencies” and we respect their choice not to be named or linked in any form or way to any of our own marketing campaigns.

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